What are the advantages of this?

You can often ‘burn your bridges’ in court. Sometimes the ‘wrong one’ wins for technical reasons. With the help of professional mediation, surprising motives for a dispute

often come to light. If the case can be reduced to the actual

facts, it is often possible to find a commercial compromise.

In this way, both parties can save face and even continue working with each other.

Arbitration court or settlement with lawyers?

An arbitration procedure is similar to a regular court

procedure, but more relaxed. For this reason and

contrary to popular belief, it is often more expensive.

I have many years of experience in this area, but

would firstly negotiate with the opposing lawyer

myself. Straight to the point but fairly, professional

lawyers on both sides can quickly determine the

opportunity/risk ratio and then recommend a quick

settlement on this basis. Thus, you save the

additional time and money that would be needed

for a long drawn-out dispute.