Andreas Witte, lawyers

Andreas Witte is a lawyer specialising in information technology law (IT law). He has been practising since 1992 in Munich and is a member of, amongst others, the German Association of Lawyers, the Working Group Information Technology within the German Association of Lawyers, the German Association of Law and Informatics (DGRI), for whom he regularly gives talks, and the German-American Lawyers’ Association. he teaches at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, specialising in basic rights, constitutional law, contract law and intellectual property rights and is a lecturer involved in training specialist lawyers for IT law at the German Lawyers’ Academy. He regularly publishes articles about current legal issues, is a member of the editorial board for the magazine, ‘Der IT Rechtsberater’, published by Dr. Otto-Schmidt KG, Cologne, and speaks at numerous events/seminars. He heads up the practice, which is a one-person practice in offices shared with other colleagues, a team of experienced staff and a proven network comprising tax accountants, auditors and a detective agency.

Witte´s pro bono practice has become a hallmark of his firm. During the Balkan war, Witte represented refugees in immigration proceedings and offered Human Rights & Refugee work. With his wife, a renowned Munich pediatrician he has developed a domestic violence prevention and assistance plan that combine’s immediate medical and legal action in favor of children.

Since he met the first democratically elected president of the republic of Maldives, his excellency Mohamed Nasheed in 2010, he has done profound research and work on the Maldivian constitution, the pending secondary laws and the reformation of the judical System. He is in contact with many stakeholders and politicians,
– offering legal services to the Maldivian legislative institutions in all sectors of legal and economic development concerning issues of doing business with Germany,
– legal service to Maldivians doing business with Germany
– essentially acting to lobby Germany and the district of Bavaria,
– and advancing national development.

The practice has been cited positively for many years in various international publications such as ‘BEST LAWYERS’, ‘THE LEGAL 500’, ‘THE EUROPEAN LEGAL 500’, and the ‘JUVE-Handbuch’ (ISBN 3-9806878-8-8, until 2010)

Karl-Reinhard Witte (until 2002)

Mr Karl-Reinhard Witte was senior partner until his departure in 2002; he specialised in employment law, company law and civil law

The shared offices

Sharing our offices are Ms Eelke Müntinga (specialist in family law), Ms Daniela Riedmayer (cyberlaw), Mr Paul Schmid (general civil law, traffic law, tenancy law) Mr Detlev Ballhorn (immigration law)

The Secretariat

At your service in the secretariat are Ms Elisabeth Pinnau (since 1982) and Ms Edeltraud Spitzkopf (since 1998), both experienced legal assistants.