The solution as a goal

We have been at home in IT law for 30 years and have an eye on digitalisation in all its facets. We advise, support and protect you comprehensively in all legal matters relating to digital business, from tendering to scrapping. Our focus is on project contracts, crisis prevention and management, copyright and competition law, licenses, cloud solutions such as SaaS, Internet media law, personal rights and international data protection, including all aspects of labor and works constitution law. IoT, Big Data, Data Business and Cyber Risks form our everyday life, where we can also quickly and at short notice call on experienced forensic and technical specialists”. Witte is also trained as a specialist lawyer for industrial property rights.

Your lawyer

Andreas Witte is a lawyer and specialist lawyer for information technology law (IT law). He has been practicing in Munich since 1992, is a member of the German Lawyers’ Association e.V., the Information Technology Working Group of the German Lawyers’ Association, the German Society for Law and Information Technology e.V., for which he regularly gives lectures, and the German-American Lawyers’ Association e.V.

He has a teaching assignment at the Munich University of Applied Sciences for the study focus on fundamental rights, constitutional law, contract law and industrial property rights and is a lecturer for the training of specialist lawyers in IT law at the German Lawyers’ Academy. He regularly publishes on current legal issues, is a member of the editorial board of the journal “Der IT-Rechtsberater” (The IT Legal Advisor) published by Dr. Otto-Schmidt KG, Cologne, and is a speaker at numerous events/seminars. He runs the law firm as an individual law firm in shared offices with other colleagues, a team of experienced employees and a proven network of tax advisors, auditors and a detective agency.

Diplomatic work

“During the “Balkan war”, RA Witte represented refugees in residence rights issues and advocated for humane treatment.

Witte was appointed Honorary Consul of the Maldives for Germany/Bavaria in 2017. He maintains contacts to diplomats, politics and economic actors on both sides. After a meeting with the first democratically elected President of the Republic of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, in 2010, Witte familiarized himself with the new Maldivian Constitution and secondary legislation and has since been advising interested public authorities on judicial reform and private sector companies in the fields of trade and tourism.

The firm has been positively mentioned for many years in various international publications such as ``BEST Lawyers``, ``THE LEGAL 500``, ``THE EUROPEAN LEGAL 500`` and the ``JUVE Handbook`` (ISBN 3-9806878-8-8, until 2010).

RA Karl-Reinhard Witte (bis 2002)

Lawyer Karl-Reinhard Witte was a senior partner until his retirement in 2002 and was mainly responsible for questions of labour, corporate and civil procedural law.

The office community

You will find Ms. Eelke Müntinga (specialist lawyer for family law), Ms. Daniela Riedmayer (internet law), Mr. Paul Schmid (general civil law, traffic law, tenancy law) and Mr. Detlev Ballhorn (law concerning foreigners) in the office community.

The secretariat

The secretariat is staffed by Ms Elisabeth Pinnau (since 1982) and Ms Edeltraud Spitzkopf (since 1998), both experienced paralegals.