The law firm was founded in 1969 by Karl Reinhard Witte, attorney at law, and was initially located in the Zieblandstraße in Schwabing. With the clients the demands for a better local connection of the office to the authorities and courts located in the city centre grew. In 1976, the firm moved to a modern office building in Sonnenstraße, close to the courts. The desire to optimise the ambience for client and lawyer led to another reorientation: Since 1985 the office has been located in a representative, listed town house near Goetheplatz.

Since then, the “team”, a well-structured and grown office community of colleagues with different specialisations, including the female staff, has remained essentially unchanged. State-of-the-art technology, an uncomplicated administration, but above all the absence of internal disputes lead to a high level of personal availability, so that a large part of the “manpower” can also be used where it belongs: at work for you.