In the field of IT services, German law is subject to dynamic development. In the near future, the warranty rights for digital goods will be redefined due to the harmonization within the EU. We prepare you for this development in good time and protect your interests. Even in the area of new types of services such as software as a service, cloud computing and web services such as search engine optimization (SEO), the contractual character is often not clearly definable, so that we take clear positions in the contracts. In the case of cross-border services, which are becoming increasingly common, especially in cloud computing, we pay particular attention to data protection and data security.

The new types of license agreements in this area often give the customer fewer rights than with the classic license. SaaS contracts and contracts for cloud computing are close to German tenancy law, with surprising consequences for both the provider and the user, which should be regulated in a contractually balanced manner as early as possible. We negotiate in this area for or with international providers and have experience with the products of Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft.