Warnings are an instrument to get opponents to act quickly and cost-effectively out of court. Especially in the field of industrial property protection, where commercial aspects are in the foreground, time losses and cost risks of long court proceedings are undesirable. The law firm examines the underlying claim with a clear prognosis also with regard to possible counter-attacks. We also weigh up whether a moment of surprise is necessary, for example in cases of piracy, and therefore immediate legal action is exceptionally the better option. In the area of interim legal protection, the firm has many years of experience with claims for inspection, the involvement of experts and even coordination with investigations by the public prosecutor, so that the measures can all be taken in one go.

For consumers who are being warned, for example, because of file sharing, we can usually decide immediately whether it is worthwhile taking legal action or whether a modified cease-and-desist declaration should be issued.

In addition, we enforce the general personal rights of our clients on the Internet, especially in social media. We have the necessary expertise vis-à-vis the sometimes slow-reacting operators in order to quickly enforce their claims, for example also under the Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG). Case law has developed both groups of cases in which domestic blocking or deletion as a whole can be demanded, as well as groups of cases in which deleted contributions must be made visible again.

Furthermore, we have experience with the providers of rating portals, for example in the area of online shopping portals, in the medical, hotel and catering sector.