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FOKUS Spezial: Witte erneut unter den besten 25 IT-Kanzleien / Witte weiterhin unter den besten deutschen Wirtschaftskanzleien seiner Branche

DE: According to a survey by the magazine FOCUS Spezial 10/2015, the firm continues to be one of Germany’s best commercial law firms in its field.

As the only “1-man law firm” it is still the smallest “IT boutique” in the FOCUS LIST 2015.

Witte: “I am very pleased that especially colleagues who are actually competitors have recommended the firm highly. The evaluation confirms my guiding principle of our work here, namely to negotiate cases in a collegial and “fair” manner. This approach has also helped the firm in its increasing diplomatic work abroad. For further information please follow this link:

EN: According to a poll carried out by German Magazine FOCUS Witte is continuosly among the best German commercial practice law firms in his sector. As a “one-man-show”, Witte’s law firm counts the “smallest IT boutique” in the FOCUS-LIST 2015: “I am very pelased that especially colleagues who actually are competitors have recommended the firm. The assessment confirms me in the key objective of my work, to dicuss cases in a collegial and fair manner. This approach has helped the firm troughhout its increasing diplomatic work abroad.

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