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ITRB 2017, 15-19 Claims against social network operators due to illegal ratings

The article describes the legal situation and the possible steps Even before the new Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG) came into force, the Witte law firm was able to help many users in asserting claims for the violation of their personal rights and in defending themselves against illegal actions by third parties in social networks. The NetzDG has further improved the situation, although some providers of social networks continue to stubbornly refuse to comply with German law.

RA Witte: “A lot of theories about this are being discussed in the recruitment of lawyers and in seminars for lawyers, but when asked, only few colleagues have real forensic experience in this area. They already fail, for example, in the service of documents abroad. Here the firm has expertise in summary proceedings, for example before the press chamber of the Munich LG I .

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