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New book: Law of databases …

On 3.4.2014, during the Cologne Days on IT Law at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, the book “Recht der Daten und Datenbanken im Unternehmen” (“Data and Database Law in Companies”) was presented, in which 36 authors contributed to the celebration of Prof. Dr. Jochen Schneider’s 70th birthday. RA Witte describes in his article (§16) the connection and the interactions of database and database content.

RA Witte: “Database law has long been neglected in the face of the upheavals in software copyright law. Due to the EU requirements in Directive 1996/6 and in the context of online services according to recital 29 of Directive 2001/29, rights to databases follow their own system, which must be developed separately. Here the work makes a valuable contribution and thus fills a large gap in IT law”.

Conrad/Grützmacher (Ed.) Recht der Daten und Datenbanken im Unternehmen Published by Isabell Conrad and Dr. Malte Grützmacher. 2014, 1,216 pages, ibid. 189,- €. ISBN 978-3-504-56092-8

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